Exchange Co.

Imagine walking into the coffee shop of your small town on a Saturday morning. The smell of coffee brewing, the display full of fresh baked treats, and busy workers and baristas behind the counter perfecting your order. There’s warm lighting, exposed brick, and wood- lots of wood. It’s practically the millennial picture-taking dream. Although, there were families there of all ages enjoying their hot cup of joe together.

It’s Exchange Co. that I’m talking about. Located right in the center of downtown Simpsonville is the only coffee shop, and I believe that’s all downtown Simpsonville will ever need. Mike, the owner, was there on the Saturday morning that I stopped by, and he was behind the counter making lattes and creating the Instagram-worthy crepes. Don’t you just love an owner that gets down and dirty and really knows everything there is to know about their business? Yeah, me too!

There’s a variety of menu items from cold brew to lattes, from sweet to savory crepes, and a variety of baked items like cookies, muffins and cheese bread, yum! I decided to try the Lavender Latte. Have you ever heard of such a thing? Just think of your average latte, but taken all the way up on the latte scale with a slight hint of lavender after taste. To die for! I had to try a sweet and savory crepe. For the savory, I tried the Bacon Orchard. Inside was gooey, sharp white cheddar, crispy bacon, granny smith apples, all topped with a delicious helping of caramel drizzle, what a party in my mouth! For the sweet crepe I went for the Berries and Cream. Now first let me warn you, it is a huge serving and you will have to eat the whole thing because it is THAT good. Okay, inside there was fresh made blueberry jam and cream cheese, all topped with oats, sliced almonds, fresh berries, and a generous helping of the best tasting whipped cream. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

Now, we all know that Exchange Co. is up to par with their menu items, but the overall experience is what I love. From the smiling staff, to the excellent service and the hometown feel made me want to stay all morning, and slowly sip my coffee to take it all in. I wonder what I’m going to try next time!


Barista pouring milk in downtown simpsonville south carolina

cooking crepes in downtown simpsonville south carolina

coffee latte art on rustic pallet table in simpsonville greenville south carolina

crepe downtown simpsonville

delicious crepe on rustic table in downtown simpsonville greenville south carolina


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