Being hands-on in this business has a multitude of perks, including managing your business from your social media in addition to what we provide. With this course we will teach you how to master this essential aspect of management from a hands on perspective. Instagram is our platform of choice because it allows you to stand out from all of the ineffective and repetitive posts from your competitors. In addition to this, it has the most potential to target the most influential audience today: Millennials.  As the platform gains even more popularity, it will expand to other media groups including Facebook. The majority of population is finding its way to Instagram as it is the most convenient.

The questions you have to ask yourself are:

“Are my posts really the most effective?”

“Do they stand out from my competitors?”

“What value do they offer to my audience?”

“Are they attracting new leads?”

“Do I have a unique strategy?”

“Do I know how to beat the algorithms that will get me exposure?”

 If you hesitated on any of these questions, then this course is for you.


This course offers training in the basic guidelines on effective Instagram posts, beating the platforms algorithm, how to create a strategy, target your audience, exceed posts related to your niche and appeal to your audience as well as engage and create active leads. Through this class we will present and break down current posts to determine how it could have reached its full potential and what could have been done differently.  Each participant will also get one on one time with us to assist them in getting started on an outline for their strategy after all of the content has been taught.

Through this course you will rise above your competitors and stand out within your community in what you do. The cost of this class is a small price in comparison to the potential of what the knowledge you are gaining can achieve for you.