Social Media Management + Content Creation Packages

Strategic Social Media Management and Content Creation

In today's culture, life revolves around social media.  The posts you see greatly influence everyday decisions for its users, varying from finding fashion trends to the best place to grab a drink or eat dinner. As a generation we rely on social media, take a second to let that sink in. In order to make yourself stand out from your competitors and be the most appealing option for your audience, you have to reach and engage with them through social media. This type of upkeep takes countless hours, patience, and knowledge on how to do so.

With social media algorithms constantly changing, do you really have the time to research and develop a strategy? Not only would you need a unique strategy, but content to deliver as well. Content goes hand in hand with the strategy, brand design, and research in order to be effective. Maintaining your social media effectively is a full-time job in itself.

Luckily for you, here at Creative Growth Co, we do all the dirty work for you. This includes providing the best strategies in which to reach your audience, achieve brand awareness, more foot traffic, increased sales, and overall an unforgettable business upon first glance of its social media content. Let our social-media management strategy and photographic story-telling skills lead your business through today's most influential platforms. We take pride in standing out by giving affordable pricing that is a small fraction of our competitors, but what separates us the most from our competition is the fact that we do not use “bots” or automated software. The use of these items is not only against the platforms API and Terms of Service, but it is also not organic and personal when it comes to reaching your audience. Once you sign up for our services, don't be surprised when the competition comes knocking to ask you for advice.


Aside from our signature packages, we also offer custom packages and design strategies that can be tailored to your needs. Contact us, and we will be more than glad to engineer a plan just for you.