Deluxe Package

Deluxe Package

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We highly recommend this package for small businesses. This package is great for those who understand the importance of a strong social media presence, and wish to showcase their uniqueness and how they stand out from their competitors. This package focuses on continuous audience engagement, doubling the daily posts, creating a fan base, and creating a wide variety of photos through a 2 hour session. It was designed with the intention of creating a strong local brand, and converting your fan base into customers. If your business already has a set photography tone and style we can match that as well as enhance it in the most aesthetically pleasing way while maintaining the original style.

This package is based on the Instagram platform and includes the following:

  1. Assessment Session
    During this session we will discuss in detail the audience that you wish to attract and how you want them to view your business. We will then focus on branding by deciding on a photography style and a color palette that creates visual unity within the photos allowing us to create a look that your audience will love

  2. Two hour photography session that focuses on capturing the brand that you want to portray based on the assessment session. (These photos will be provided to you on a thumb drive once the photos are edited.)

  3. Research of your market, competitors and trends allowing us to engineer a unique strategy and visually pleasing layout for your profile.

  4. Management of your account includes:
    -Posting 2 times per day, 4 days a week for 4 weeks using our custom strategy.
    -Account engagement with local accounts based on our custom strategy to increase   local awareness (25 minutes split through the day on each posting day)
    -Spam management.

  5. Monthly overview assessment that includes data of the account's growth and engagement. Discuss the overall impact on your customers based on feedback provided to you. Implement any visual theme or target audience changes if desired. Summary of the assessment and goal setting for the following month.