Website Build & Branding

eCommerce Website Build Chemical Hose is a project that was launched from scratch. Everything from the name, logo, branding and website build was carefully engineered and crafted to suit its target audience. Today, it is one of the leading websites within its industry and has set a high-standard of where digital presence needs to be in this field.

Chemical Hose Logo Design

The logo prototype was an idea that took form using a classic medium: paper and pencil. The primary focus was to marry the product with its purpose, while resonating with the audience.

 Chemical Hose Website Build Brand Identity

To further increase the brand and offer a cohesive visual style throughout the website and marketing materials, the identity of had to be defined in its simplest form. The first step was to select and curate a color palette. The second step was to choose a font that was both professional and contemporary. Together, this has helped achieve hierarchy and guidance throughout the website.

Products on Shopify eCommerce website


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