About Us

The inspiration for Creative Growth Co. came shortly after launching our clothing brand, Function and Spokes Apparel. At the start-up of our company, we discovered one of our greatest challenges was allowing the audience see our personality and style, as well as generating online sales through social media. Immediately we realized how the necessity of having a strong social media presence, the only problem being that it could not be accomplished without a solid strategy and the core of it all, the photos. We could have easily posted photos taken with our phones or hired one of the abundant and overpriced marketing solution firms available, but we would rather be as close and personal to our brand and audience as possible. 

As we progressed, we began to realize that there were many people and businesses that also faced similar struggles with social media and marketing that we did when we started our clothing brand. Whether they knew it or not, we too had a common problem, which was limited time and knowledge about the matter. Even if we decided to outsource locally, most of the services that are offered are vague, confusing, overpriced, and focus just on the management aspect of it rather than offering a solution as a whole. On top of that, the majority of them violate the platform terms of use by purchasing followers and the use of automated software, also known as "bots" to manage their client’s platforms. We were not willing to violate the terms of service, and we definitely didn’t want hundreds of fabricated followers that would hinder our engagement rate and image, especially if there is no interest in purchasing from us. After identifying this problem, we knew we had to do something to help our business therefore allowing us to help others.

 In search of a solution, we took it upon ourselves to study everything we could about social media strategy, its algorithms, trends, visual elements, photography aspects, artistic composition and marketing. After countless hours of studying and testing our knowledge with our own brand, we knew it was time for Function and Spokes LLC to offer small businesses and individuals the proven tactics that helped our clothing brand establish itself and prosper. After applying our knowledge to our company, we began receiving orders from all over, these orders were generated through social media. To ensure our success, we put our theory to the test and gave advice to a few select people. We also took on the challenge of creating and managing content for what became our first business account. Through our custom strategy and photography, we experienced exactly what we anticipated; heightened local exposure and an increase in walk-in customers that learned of the business through social media. It was then, that Creative Growth Co. was born. Since then, the learning has not slowed down. Social media and all of its aspects are living aspects that are constantly changing. Luckily, our company allows us to take care of it all so you don’t have to, giving you the time and opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business. Along with management, we also offer branding and lifestyle photography sessions, videography, custom strategies, and courses for those of you that are more hands on.

The Creative Growth Co. services by Function and Spokes LLC was created specifically for you and your business. Our plans were designed to be affordable and effective. Be that business that captivates customers within your community, and one that exceeds your competitors. Together, we will take your business to the next level.